Main Subjects = Architecture
Seismic Improvement and Adaptive Use Change of the Faculty of Design, Tabriz Islamic Art University, in the Khosravi Leather Historical Complex

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 May 2022


Ahad Nejad Ebrahimi; Shahin Farrokhi; Mohammad kheirollahi

Visual Preferences of Architects and Non-Architects in Evaluating the Physical Elements of Mid-Rise Residential Apartment Facades in Tehran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 June 2022


Mahboubeh Sadat Mortazavi Ravari; Fatemeh Mehdizadeh Saradj; Mohsen Faizi

Assessing the possibility of using constructive educational implications in teaching basic architectural design courses

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 August 2022


Seyedeh Hoornaz Vahabi; Isa Hojjat

Origin of Dome's multiplicity in Samarqand Jame Mosque

Volume 26, Issue 4, March 2022, Pages 39-51


Mohammad hassan Khademzade; Amir Hossein Moghtadaei

A Morphological Study of Synclastic Surfaces in Nature and Architecture

Volume 26, Issue 2, March 2022, Pages 51-66


Ehsan Gholamzadeh; Mohammadreza Matini; S. Yahya Islami; Gholamreza Talischi

Design of Acoustic Panels in the Walls in Interior Spaces of Building by Imitating the Mechanism of Ferns

Volume 26, Issue 3, March 2022, Pages 59-70


Setareh Babakhani fard; Mahdieh Abravesh; Mostafa Gholipour Gashniani; Arman Mahmoudi Otaghvari