Author = Mohammad Mehdi Azizi
Number of Articles: 12
1. Assessing how urban form effects on Disaster City Resilience: at Tehran Metropolis Neighborhoods

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 December 2021

Elnaz Baghernezhad; Esfandiar Zebardast; Mohammad Mehdi Azizi

2. Trend Analysis of “Understanding of Tehran” Through Its Development Plans

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 December 2021

Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Mehrdad Rahmani

3. Explaining the Factors Affecting Tenure Security in Spontaneous Settlements; Case Study: Tehran Metropolitan Area

Volume 25, Issue 3, Spring 2020, Pages 8-18

Esfandiar Zebardast; Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Bahman Ahmadi

4. An Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Urban Fabrics in Tehran Climate: Implications for Micro Climate-Sensitive Urban Design

Volume 25, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Pages 5-15

Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Behnaz Aminzadeh; Reihaneh Aghamolaei

5. Explanation of Structural Complexities in Tehran’s Population Projections

Volume 23, Issue 4, Summer 2019, Pages 15-26

Bahram Aminzadeh-Goharrizi; Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Saeed Rastegar

6. Spatial Typology of Growth Patterns in Urban-based Regions

Volume 23, Issue 2, Winter 2019, Pages 53-66

Ahmad Khalili; Esfandiar Zebardast; Mohammad Mehdi Azizi

11. The Effects of a Country's New Divisions on Urban Sprawl: The Case Study: Bojnourd City, Iran

Volume 19, Issue 2, Spring 2014, Pages 103-116

Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Sima Yarmohammadi