Analyzing and Representation of Historical- Social, Physical Potentialities of Urban Process of Hashtgerd in Emam Street

Document Type : Research Paper



Many of urban designer in order to describe functions of urban spaces, specially, streets, in a voluntaristice and formalistic point of view or on psychological aspect on human life in the Town and cities .This issue for several decades was core of debates and many have been written about it. for examples :le courbousier (1951) , Gordon Cullen (1959) Kevin lynch (1961) , Wictor Gruen , Lewis Mumford (1961) , Jan Jacobs (1961) , François Choay (1961), Melvin weber (1967), Edmond Bacon (1973) ,Amos Rappaport (1977 , 1975), Edward Krupat (1985) Caroline Francois (1988), David Herbert (1981 ,1991) Ian Bentley (1999) Ian Gahl , Michel south worth , and many others. But recent studies have Shown that: 1) formalism is predominated in Analysis and design of urban space and content of cities and Town have been neglected. 2) Social and Economic context and their impact in process of change and inner potential of cities also have been neglected. 3) overstress on Psychology caused that mechanism of evolution is not considered in such studies .This article is concentrated about the relation between contextual process of cities and functional aspect of its central spaces, suggests that: essentially, functions of central spaces of cities, including central streets, in many aspects, reflects the process, forces and potential of towns and cities which organized in spaces and might become a force for changing the cities. so, the question is how urban spaces ,spatially at city center, streets on central represent needs of social forces and how factors of urban process represents in place . And elements of it organized in representational space. Thus aim of this article is explaining the process of urbanization and urbanism, Historical forces of town due to this inner potential, in changing the function of central streets, explaining dimension of this process and the way the functions established in spaces. The hypothesis of article therefore is that the streets of city central are representation of what each cities has in it potentiality to change. The method of research, in research goals point of view is applied method and is concentrating on systematical – historical analysis in methodology based on Elias approach on analyzing civilization and its process and on empirical – causality methods using measure of distributions of activities which is subsystem of spatial – statistical tools group. The case study of this research is Hashtgerd and Imam Komeini Street in that .Finding of research show that Hashtgerd have been changed after revolution in Iran. City center in Hashtgerd in recent years is changed and streets are transforming to livable space. Change in this city is due to formation and grows worker class and medium class, diversity of Ethical, religious and national groups and their presence in town management and municipality. Change in space mutually becomes a force for developing city. Tow of neighborhoods which was Ghetto and called TorkAbad and KordAban transformed to neighborhoods that are very livable. This development is not result of planning and designing.  


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