Utopia in the opinions of scholars in Iran constitution period



This research aims to explain utopian components in the opinions of scholars of Iran constitution. Changing of the relationship between Iran and west in the constitution period and advent of enlightened renovation thoughts caused to changing of Iranian ideal thoughts approach into utopian concept. Ideal thoughts in Iran in encountering western civilization manifestation by clear attitudes clarify modernization. In this research the many components of utopian attitudes have been investigated in opinions of eight scholars of constitution period like Mirza Fathali Akhond zadeh,Mirza Malkom khan Nazemodolleh,Mirza Agakhan Kermani ,Mirza Yusef Mostasharodolleh,MIrza Abdoll rahi Najarzadeh Tabrizi famous to Talbof,Haj Zynodin Maragyi in general and Abdoll rahim Talbof and Abdol Hussein Sanatizadeh in especial. In investigation of ideal opinions of scholars of Iran constitution period especially opinions of Abdolrahim Talbof in the book of Masalkeal Mohsenin and thoughts of Abdol husein sanatuizade kermani in the book of Majmaeh Divanegan have been explained. The method is a descriptive and analytical based on the library documents the results show that by omitting of the anti value thoughts and employing scientific concepts accompanied by monotheism thoughts, the Utopian thoughts in opinions of scholars of the constitutional period can be used in this period. The research methodology is descriptive and analytical and comparatives and it is based on library studies. Teaching and learning based on west thoughts and education of science as west thoughts, attitudes to material ,wisdom without elevation and lawgiving, imitation from west are the main general and energy and transportation and technology ,people participation are the main particular aspects considered in utopia of constitutions period scholars. They emphasized on promotion of material life in the city and they did not consider spiritual affairs in urban spaces. The study of the mentioned scholars’ utopian thoughts indicates inattention to religious principle thoughts among the constitutions period scholars .in the study of t he Iranian new scholars in constitutions period the west structural manifestation were emphasized and learning material techniques and construction of schools in new style are clear in all components in general. expression of these strategies are seen proportionate to each personality rang from deny of religious thoughts (Akhonzadeh) to opportunistic encounter with religious thoughts (Mirza melakom and Talebof) and religious return to old Iran approach (Mirzaagasnkhan Kermani) and limited acceptance of religious thoughts(Mirza Mostasharodolleh) and acceptance and defense of religious and Islamic thoughts against west civilization (Haj Zynollabedin marghei). Because of special constitution period approaches and characteristics utopia demands own specifications accompanied by omission of anti value learning and application of scientific concepts in current era. Constitution utopia is manifestation of lawgiving, science, learning and wisdom city. The results show that constitution utopian opinions of Abdolrahim Tabbof in the MaskealMohsenin and Abdoll Husein SanatiZade Kermnai in the Majmael Divangen have civilized thoughts that some of them have been implemented in the urban building. The complete book can be manifested by reengineering of value in the contemporary cites. This research can be used according to religious approach and conserved as spiritual aspects of life.