The Analysis of Essence Causes in Persian Garden



Persian gardens have been studied from different perspectives and some effects that its components have been analyzed in detail. Although this analysis has cleared the basis of essence causes in Persian garden but due to ambiguity in understanding the relationship between variables and some abstractive ontology interpretations, it has created confusion in reading it. Persian garden is affected by the construction of systems because of climatic conditions, especially irrigation system. Although the sensory and aesthetic factors in making the gardens have a special role in the later stages. Iranians in the field of architecture and gardens was function-oriented Due to the specific characteristics of their specific climate and morale. The function-orienting in the garden by the form of systematic Persian garden is evident. Then any reading in this regard is also based on these concepts. As we know, there are four causes of arts in existential analysis although the analysis of Aristotle's art those later Islamic philosophers in their ontological analysis of the causes have benefited. Aristotelian analysis, which also has been used in contemporary philosophy in Islamic wisdom, was limited to general knowledge ontology. Considering that in Persian architecture and gardens primarily we have two major knowledge`s which are selection of components and selection of amount of parts, we can say wisdom construction is mainly affected by two techniques. The garden as much as possible is simple formed and does not create ambiguity in the relationship between humans and space in construction wisdom. we will reach the general principle of selecting components which will be determined based on ultimate goal that is based on potential, and the inherent quality and quantity of parts and components. Persian wisdom in relation to selection of quality and quantity components is that to achieve the ultimate end with their comprehensive understanding of their performance characteristics and special qualities of the components and their bilateral relationship with the end, Iranians have selected the required elements and have chosen as required from the elements. There is a hierarchical in the use of components needed in the construction of the garden which cause to way that every object and every component used in specified place. Hierarchy is selection of particular relationship between elements that are in toward perfection and in the route and directions. The analysis of essence causes is one of the methods used to interpreter the aesthetic causes of art. This is just one method to read the creature and to understand the relationship between variables. This research is based on studies and according to Aristotle's causes, to have covered the Persian Garden. The conclusion is that given the relationship between subjective and physical causes that provides comfort and pleasure in order to save and satisfy human and in this way it is benefiting from the formal and regular geometric. So we can say the primary object of Persian gardens has been pleasure-seeking goal but then it is combined with the abstractive object and then the ultimate object is to be a holy heaven.