Recognition of the Effective Indices on Enhancing Women Security in the Public Spaces Using Participative Approach(Case Study: Central Part of Tehran City)



Safety is one of the life necessities and fundamental human rights and it is a prerequisite for improvement of people welfare and health. Safety improvement is in a direct relationship with mental calmness and also with senses of places to life environment. Although the importance of safety factors for everybody, researches show that sensitivity or safety level for some kinds of age and sex groups and also social and physical capabilities are different. Personality characteristics have important effect on the sense of peoples about the security. These characteristics are composed of age, sex, culture and so on. in urban public spaces, especially regarding to requirements of various groups, dimensions have more social importance. Among these factors, sexuality is the most dominant factor which has been considered particularly in this research. Fear of urban spaces cause demission from environment and damages citizen rights. Also urban planning can take various physical and social approaches about this subject. In this study, a major effort is paid to combine the physical and social approaches with precedence of co-operational process of the research. Space safety depends on surrounding land uses and it is necessary to think about a scheme that decreases negative influences of private and isolated land uses that are harmful. So after studying theoretical part(regarding to the novelty of topic and lack of the native pattern), studies based on world experiences have been analyzed and dimensions and indices of concept have been produced, The likrat spectrum is used in designing questionnaire and the examined indices are included in questions. The main hypothesis of the research is “ it seems that there are direct relationship between rate of women transportation and their safety in public space inter study zone”. The selected zone for operational studies includes central district of Tehran located in the sought of Imam Khomaini street which contains various land uses and activities. In other to analyze women safety sense exposed to main land uses, first of all, homogeneous land uses with similar functions are categorized in form of a map due to location. Then the average of women safety are calculated using T test in each zone. collected data are categorized and analyzed using Excel and SPSS software. In order to prove the main hypothesis of the research, the relationship between decreasing and increasing transportation and women s safety in study zone is evaluated. In fact Transportation security is an important and definitive factor in quantity and quality of using urban spaces. Women are considered to be a vulnerable stratum encountering unsafely. So their special analysis of transportation pattern in public urban spaces and enhancement of their security has an important role in efficiency increase and urban spaces activation. The results include enhancement of public transportation security, improvement of pedestrian's security and enhancement of women night transportation. Finally, analyzed indices present that with increasing necessary indices including legibility ,access to help services, surveillance to space(natural and artificial), familiarity level, Reputation of places and provision of night safety, safety have been promoted.